Interclub Tennis Schedules

Women's USTA Winter 2023 18 & Over 3.0A
Wed 01/112023-01-11vsOld Greenwich
Fri 01/202023-01-20@Rye Racquet Club
Wed 02/012023-02-01@Yonkers Tennis Center
Tue 02/072023-02-07@New Rochelle Racquet Club
Wed 02/152023-02-15vsSportime Harbor Island
Wed 03/012023-03-01vsSportime Harbor Island
Wed 03/152023-03-15@Westchester Tennis Center
Fri 03/242023-03-24@Sportime Lake Isle
Wed 03/292023-03-29vsTennis Club of Hastings
Women's USTA Winter 2023 18 & Over 3.5A
Thu 01/052023-01-05vsSaw Mill Club
Thu 01/122023-01-12vsGrand Slam
Thu 01/192023-01-19@Saw Mill Club
Wed 02/012023-02-01@Armonk Tennis Club
Thu 02/162023-02-16vsChestnut Ridge
Wed 03/012023-03-01@Mount Kisco
Thu 03/092023-03-09vsGreenwich Racquet Club
Thu 03/232023-03-23vsHardscrabble
Tue 03/282023-03-28@Armonk Tennis Club
Women's USTA Winter 2023 18 & Over 4.0A
Thu 01/192023-01-19@Tennis Innovators Academy
Mon 01/232023-01-23vsGreenwich Racquet Club
Tue 01/312023-01-31@Tennis Club of Hastings
Mon 02/062023-02-06vsRye Racquet Club
Tue 02/142023-02-14@New Rochelle Racquet Club
Mon 02/272023-02-27vsSportime Harbor Island
Tue 03/072023-03-07@Greenwich Racquet Club
Mon 03/132023-03-13vsRye Racquet Club
Thu 03/302023-03-30@Sportime Harbor Island
Women's USTA Winter 2023 18 & Over 4.0B
Wed 01/112023-01-11@Tennis Club of Hastings
Thu 01/192023-01-19vsMaximum Tennis
Mon 01/232023-01-23@Life Time Athletic
Thu 02/022023-02-02vsTennis Club of Hastings
Thu 02/092023-02-09vsLife Time Athletic
Tue 02/142023-02-14@Club Fit Briarcliff
Thu 03/022023-03-02vsArmonk Tennis Club
Wed 03/082023-03-08@Grand Slam
Fri 03/172023-03-17@Westchester Country Club
Women's USTA Winter 2023 18 & Over 4.5
Mon 01/092023-01-09vsGrand Slam
Fri 01/202023-01-20@New Rochelle Racquet Club
Fri 02/032023-02-03@Tennis Innovators Academy
Fri 02/172023-02-17@Grand Slam
Fri 03/032023-03-03@Tennis Innovators Academy
Mon 03/062023-03-06vsTennis Innovators Academy
Mon 03/202023-03-20vsNew Rochelle Racquet Club
Mon 04/032023-04-03vsTennis Innovators Academy